Increased Internal Collaboration is a Prerequisite for Improved Value Communication

June 14, 2018 Danielle Twigg

Developing a Single Core Value Proposition (part 2): Key Value Message Optimization

In our previous article, we discussed the importance of a single value proposition for a product that maps across all internal Pharma teams, all markets, and all stakeholders. This is critical for every product at launch to ensure strong, consistent value-based communications and therefore optimize market access.

Two key reasons for establishing a single core value proposition are:

  1. To save time and budget by reducing redundancy and inefficiency caused by different product teams duplicating work (sometimes in parallel),
  2. To strengthen communication of product value by working across all relevant teams to establish agreed product value communications, leading to stronger, aligned communication of value (and avoiding a weakened perception of product value when different teams say different or even contradictory statements)

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