Parexel Access Consulting Videos

Parexel Access Consulting Videos

  • Real-World Data's Impact on Clinical Research4:29

    Real-World Data's Impact on Clinical Research

    Integrating Real-World Data into clinical research is revolutionizing the life sciences industry. Learn more in this portion of 'The Innovation Imperative: The Future of Drug Development,' an independ

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  • Parexel Insight Center1:22

    Parexel Insight Center

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  • Navigating Global Regulatory Submissions3:00

    Navigating Global Regulatory Submissions

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  • Increasing Study Predictability with Parexel2:50

    Increasing Study Predictability with Parexel

    Increasing Study Predictability – improving study timelines and reducing costs.

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  • Hybrid Studies3:03

    Hybrid Studies

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  • Parexel® Patient Sensor Solution2:39

    Parexel® Patient Sensor Solution

    The Parexel® Patient Sensor solution facilitates the collection of patient data coupled with robust predictive analytics. Wearables and sensors data capture minimizes clinic assessments and reduces bu

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  • Assess the Strength of Your Evidence Strategy2:00

    Assess the Strength of Your Evidence Strategy

    See how the Evidence Wisely Assessment Tool can help you assess your readiness for market access. Generate your own unique score and assess strengths and weaknesses of your value demonstration strateg

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  • Parexel Simplifies Access to Knowledge2:48

    Parexel Simplifies Access to Knowledge

    A new report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and commissioned by Parexel International Corporation reveals that new innovations in drug development have a positive impact on clinical trial ti

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  • Parexel Analyzes the Real-World Data Revolution and Role of Early Payer Engagement2:21

    Parexel Analyzes the Real-World Data Revolution and Role of Early Payer Engagement

    Richard Tolley, Vice President Integrated Market Access Solutions at Parexel discusses a recent roundtable discussion about the role of early payer insights in real-world data studies.

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  • Parexel® Regulatory Consulting Services3:20

    Parexel® Regulatory Consulting Services

    An overview of Parexel’s Regulatory Consulting services.

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