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PAREXEL - Chuck Stevens Discusses Innovation in the US Healthcare Market

June 16, 2015
At DIA this year, I was on a panel looking at innovation in the US healthcare market and the panel discussed whether or the United States could continue to afford innovation as it relates to new high priced drugs coming to market. We also talked about a number of stakeholders in the US healthcare system, and how all of them have a role to play in not only developing new technologies but making healthcare more affordable. It’s a critical issue for the industry today because more and more drug companies are coming out with products and developing products that are very targeted in what they do. They’re looking at helping people with rare disorders, with cancer, with Alzheimer’s, and with that, it is very important for them to understand the US healthcare market , the global market, from not only a clinical perspective but a regulatory and commercial perspective to make sure that ultimately patient consumers get access to therapy. Well, PAREXEL is positioned to combine Clinical, Regulatory, and Commercial strategies throughout the drug development continuum, so we’re able to advise clients very early on what the market place may look like post-approval. That allows for manufacturers to not only realize Regulatory approval but post-approval commercial success. The benefit for all of us in society is drugs get approved and patient consumers get access.
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