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PAREXEL - Dr. Alberto Grignolo Discusses Key Trends at DIA 2015

June 18, 2015
The DIA Annual meeting is always a place of intense content, debate, and discussion and it’s important to realize that there are many, many themes that are present at the annual meeting. One theme discussed this year is the value proposition of medicines and the realization companies need to do better in terms of articulating and populating the value proposition throughout the drug development process, and not leave it as an afterthought after regulatory approval. Another that had a great deal of discussion is patient centricity. How patients become informed and involved throughout the drug development process and certainly beyond. A very intense debate took place on the rare disorders community and the need for thousands of rare disorders to be addressed by industry and by regulators and by payers in ways that are beneficial to patient’s suffering from such rare disorders, orphan or even ultra-orphan diseases and there are many suffering and many waiting for therapies. A noticeable change at the DIA is the presence of Japan regulators which is a change from the past decade when Japan was not so well represented. The clear message coming from Japan is a message of regulatory efficiency, an appetite for innovation, and mechanisms and procedures that facilitate communication and will eventually facilitate the arrival of innovative therapies to Japanese patients as a gateway to patients all over the world. Lastly, we at PAREXEL are active participants in supporting our clients, the biopharmaceutical industry, with respect to the more important trends that are observed and discussed here at the Annual DIA meeting . The value proposition for instance is something that is central to our conversations with our clients who are becoming increasingly focused on how they develop a value proposition.
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