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PAREXEL - Paul Evans Discusses Clinical Feasibility Session at PCT 2015

April 24, 2015
So at the session I was involved in today at PCT, we had a pretty wide range of discussion about feasibility, how we can improve feasibility and how we can use the data sources available to us to get better outcomes from our feasibility. We also extended that into how we can engage patients better in the modern age of social media and increased connectivity. Clinical trial feasibility is important to our clients because clinical trials are such complex undertakings. Getting the planning and design right up front is a critically important function so we talk a lot about getting the right countries, the right sites, the right patients. But clinical trials often run late so we know we have challenges around that. So what we’re trying to do is pull more of the data that’s available into that process so we get better data driven decision making. At PAREXEL, we’re trying to improve clinical trial feasibility in two broad ways. We’re pulling together as much data as we can that’s available to us whether that’s about investigators or patients or previous trial experience and then we’re combining those into tools that actually allow us to make the key decisions that our clients are hoping to make. Two examples, we have our country allocation tool which helps us to make those key decisions about which are the most attractive countries to go to for a trial and our risk management tool which is the sum total of all the knowledge that we have from the feasibility. That tells us how much risk is left in our project-where are the problems and how should we address those?
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