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PAREXEL: The Bigger Journey, Navigating The Human Pathway

February 12, 2014
PAREXEL is committed to creating partnerships that deliver value, drive performance and bring new drugs to market faster. We continue to develop new models that blend client and service- provider resources for maximum efficiency. We are also redefining industry standards for service and what one can expect to gain from the right partnership. Whatever your needs, PAREXEL is committed to delivering solutions that make sense and to forming a productive relationship that works for you. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS A shift in the industry. As the needs of our customers have evolved, so has PAREXEL. Increasingly, biopharmaceutical companies are moving away from tactical engagements with us in favor of longer Strategic Partnerships, which are designed to deliver greater benefits throughout the development lifecycle. Strategic Partnerships can help accelerate development cycles while significantly reducing overall costs. A Strategic Partnership with PAREXEL is characterized by a deeper sense of partnership and a mutual investment in the relationship, as well as the inclusion of longer-term planning, which together help our clients achieve efficiencies across the board. Our Strategic Partners are able to: • Leverage overhead and infrastructure• Complement internal knowledge with external expertise • Improve the predictability of their R&D efforts • Rapidly expand global reach• Increase operational efficiencies • Streamline the development process FUNCTIONAL SERVICES A la carte solutions that complete your picture. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to our working relationships. Our Functional Services unit enables clients of all sizes to take advantage of our world-class support for specific functions—without committing to a full research program. In addition to getting just what they need, clients who leverage this model continue to benefit from our continuous process improvements and innovations. PAREXEL BIOPHARM UNIT A dedicated unit especially for small and emerging biopharmaceutical companies. When the stakes are high, the PAREXEL BioPharm Unit makes sure you are always the priority. We assign a dedicated team, including a proactive senior management leader who will identify and mobilize the right resources from across our organization. We focus on delivering innovative and effective study execution, based on aligned incentives, so you can be confident about meeting each critical development milestone. Network of Services: PAREXEL INFORMATICS • Perceptive MyTrials® Platform & Infrastructure • Study Management and Monitoring (IMPACT® CTMS) • Clinical Data Management (DataLabs® EDC) • Randomization and Trial Supply Management (ClinPhone® RTSM) • Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes • Medical Imaging • Regulatory Information Management (LIQUENT InSight,® LIQUENT SmartDeskTM) PAREXEL CLINICAL RESEARCH SERVICES • Phase I: First-in-Human • Phase IIa: Proof-of-Concept • Phase II--III: Pivotal Clinical Trials • Phase IIIb/IV: Peri/Post-Approval • Registries • Observational Research • Expanded Access Programs • Safety Studies • Clinical Logistics PAREXEL CONSULTING • Integrated Product Development • Regulatory Outsourcing Services • HERON (TM) Commercialization • Medical Communications • Strategic Compliance and Risk Management
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