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PAREXEL's Nick Richards, VP, Comments on Mobile Patient Technology at DIA

June 16, 2014
At PAREXEL Informatics, what we're really excited about showing here at the show is some of the vision of our mobile patient technology. It's interesting to really take a look at what the patient experience is as part of a clinical trial process. We are starting to dig down and put the patient more at the forefront to make sure the experience that they're having in the clinical trial is productive and positive. One of the key things is the "bring your own device" strategy, or BYOD strategy. Historically, we've used a model where we've distributed devices out to patients, and it's very expensive and difficult, at times, from a logistics standpoint. The proliferation of mobile devices throughout the world, not only here in the US, is increasing on an ongoing basis. Figuring out how we can leverage those devices that are already in the hands of patients, that they are already used to using on a daily basis and leveraging that to bring them in to a more positive and effective interaction as part the clinical trial technology stack is what we're trying to achieve. PAREXEL Informatics is really focusing on simplifying the journey and the context of how the patient interacts during the course of the clinical trial. Some of the technologies that we're working on today are really focusing on mobile devices, how the patients use them and how we can leverage those in a more seamless way to create a very positive experience which benefits the sponsor, which benefits the site, everyone involved in the clinical trial process.
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