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PAREXEL - Josh Schultz, Corp. VP Talks About PAREXEL Access

November 9, 2015
Our industry is undergoing a profound shift, from a world where achieving marketing authorization approval was sufficient to both get access to patients and to get reimbursed at appropriate level. However, as drug costs have risen and become a larger part of national budget, we found that there’s a second hurdle that sponsors need to overcome which includes being able to -not just prove efficacy and safety, but be able to also demonstrate value as defined by patient quality of life, cost per medication, and overall healthcare cost. Our job at PAREXEL Access is to help our clients navigate the complicated waters of reimbursement policies, evidence requirements, communication standards to ensure that we can get maximum access to patients at appropriate economic levels while making sure that the value delivered to our healthcare systems is appropriate and high. This includes evidence identification and evaluation, evidence generation, and lastly the communication of that evidence to relevant stakeholders including payers, patients, and providers.

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